Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a 3D adventure reboot of Mirror’s Edge based in a nameless, dystopian city, set within a totalitarian society.


The main protagonist of Mirrors Edge is a renegade ‘runner’ called Faith Connors. She has to avoid government surveillance whilst operating as a courier to transmit messages to an underground network. This includes passing on information to the various revolutionary groups that wish to avoid being controlled by the totalitarian regime.

In order to do so, Faith and the other runners in the game use parkour-style moves to navigate across the urban environment, including jumping, sliding, and rolling across walls, rooftops and through ventilation shafts. Players use a simple three-button control system to pull off these range of actions.

Explore the City…

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst uses a first-person perspective style of play, which allows players to become fully immersed in the game.

Gen Graphic 1 - GSG - Mirrors EdgeDistinctive bold graphics are featured throughout the expansive environment. The use of strong primary colours adds to the sense of a totalitarian society. The colours in the game also act as a useful health meter, as these become less vibrant as Faith starts to receive damage.

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