Moto GP 13 for the Xbox 360 is everything you could ever need from a racing game; speed, excitement and innovation. Designed by Italian company Milestone, Moto GP comes with excellent re-designed graphics that really pop and immerse the gamer into a world where speed and adrenaline are key.

Play the 2013 championship from the perspective of a real Moto GP contender, with engaging game modes such as the 2013 Worldwide Championship, Quick Race, an exclusive IRTA test mode, multiplayer and the re-designed Career Mode which runs from the first race of the season, all the way to the final. Take your player every step of the way, overcome hurdles and experience the joy of winning Moto GP! With immersive and exhilarating gameplay, you can check out the real Moto GP experience from the comfort of your own home. Third and first-party elements also enter into the mix on this fast and sprightly racing game, providing hours of varied entertainment to keep you completely glued to your seat! It’s a popular game for players of all ages who like a bit of a thrill.

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