The gaming calendar would be incomplete without an annual installment of the hugely popular FIFA series.

This year’s offering, FIFA 17, brings new features, a new engine and a new mode – result!


In a first for the FIFA franchise, there is a Story mode. Titled “The Journey”, you take control of a young football player who has just signed for a Premier League club; completing objectives and interacting with other characters via a Mass Effect-style dialogue wheel.

It’s no coincidence that EA worked with Bioware, the creators of Mass Effect, on this game. EA will no doubt be hoping to use the story mode feature to attract a new demographic to their game.


Also collaborating with EA on FIFA 17 is DICE, who developed the Frostbite engine now adopted by the FIFA series. They’ve replaced the Ignite engine for this year’s FIFA offering, resulting in better graphics on players’ faces. Frostbite also offers superior lighting technology, so get ready for some awesome night-time matches.

There’s gameplay changes too, taking the form of alterations to the set pieces, including free kicks, corners and throw-ins. One thing is for sure, EA is pulling out all of the stops to make sure they can’t be accused of slacking on the innovation front.


FIFA 17 will undoubtedly draw in the large and loyal fanbase who return year after year to buy the latest instalment in the series. However, with the new story mode, upgraded engine and steps taken to improve gameplay, they’ll be looking to harness a new audience too – those more likely to choose a storyline-based game than a sports title. With the two genres seemingly colliding in FIFA 17, those who do make the jump to FIFA 17 could find themselves at the forefront of innovation in how developers create sports-based games.

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