Set in the fictional Mediterranean island republic of Medici Just Cause 3 is an open world action adventure game in which players take control of Rico Rodriguez, a man determined to free the people of his homeland.

The third game in the Just Cause series has received rave reviews since its release in December 2015 and no wonder. Featuring fully destructible buildings, bridges and vehicles destruction is at the centre of Just Cause 3, making for a truly exhilarating experience.

Over 400 square miles of complete freedom

The Republic of Medici is a vast land with lots to offer including three very unique regions each with their own culture.

The Insula Fonte region is well known for its agriculture and displays a crumbling land under General Di Ravello. Providing fuel for Di Ravello’s regime the Insula Dracon region is dotted with oil stations and industrial buildings, whilst the Insula Striate region is the most dangerous area of the island.

Players have complete freedom of this vast world, but be careful Di Ravello’s men aren’t to be messed with.

Meet Rico the living legend

As the ultimate hero no obstacle is too big for Rico who has an array of skills which players must utilise to overcome the iron grasp of DiRavello.

Exploring the vast island is made easy with unique a wingsuit and parachute, whilst the famous grapple hook allows players to grapple to any surface at any time.

Players can carry up to three weapons, which can be used wherever, whenever. Whether free falling, wing walking or parachuting enemies can be killed at any moment.

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