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As it turns out, Killzone: Shadow Fall wasn’t quite able to deliver on its early promise. It seems that the development team may not have recognised and dealt with the mistakes they made with previous versions of the game. This means that where the competitors have gone from strength to strength, Killzone: Shadowfall still feels slightly hamstrung in comparison.

As it stands, the latest incarnations of the more established first person shooters (Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty: Ghosts) are generally seen as the standout first person shooters on the new generation of consoles.

Many people have found that the slightly loose controls don’t give the same feeling of immediate engagement that the more established games in the genre can afford to players.

Also, whilst the game is certainly one of the most visually impressive games in its category, that factor seems to actually emphasise the other shortcomings. The general consensus is that a game that looks this pretty should be slightly more fun to play, though it does have its fans and it is admittedly a big step up from Killzone 3.

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