Immerse yourself into the immensely vast universe of No Man’s Sky and experience a completely unique journey like never before.

Explore an infinite universe, discover never before seen creatures and unearth ancient artifacts that could reveal hidden secrets as you fly from planet to planet.


How and where you explore is completely down to you, but whatever your decision you’ll need to prepare. During your epic voyage you’ll collect precious resources, which can be traded for ships, suits and equipment to help you throughout your journey.

A Truly Open Universe

With over 18 quintillion (we don’t even know what that looks like in numbers) possible planets to explore, each completely different to one another, No Man’s Sky presents a procedurally generated galaxy.

No two gamers will make the same discoveries making No Man’s Sky a truly unique adventure for every gamer.


A Galaxy Filled With Danger

Every planet is filled with danger, from first person combat on the ground to dogfights in space you’ll come across deadly enemies throughout your entire adventure.

Every decision you make will shape your future journey…


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