Rise Up!

Kick, punch and grapple your way to victory in Street Fighter V, the fifth installment of the classic, side scrolling Street Fighter series.

Exciting battle mechanics deliver an adrenaline filled fighting experience whilst stunning visuals depict the next generation of world warriors.

The ’V-Gauge’ is a new feature that builds up as players receive attacks. Three new techniques; V-Skills, V-Reversals and V-Triggers can be used to deliver damaging strikes to hapless opponents and the Stun Meter, which was introduced in Street Fight III, is now made visible under the health bars.


The game features 16 characters, 4 of which are new to the Street Fighter franchise, with more to follow. Each has their own unique collection of damaging moves and special attacks, which makes for unbelievable fight scenes.

Fight for fame and glory on the Cacpcom Pro Tour or challenge friends online and see who reigns supreme.

How to play Street Fighter V.


For more exciting Street Fighter V videos head over to the official website.

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