“When society falls, we rise”

It’s Black Friday and a devastating pandemic has rocked New York City, as an agent of The Division it is your job to save what remains of civilization, restore order and take back the city. You are humanity’s last hope, so no pressure gamers!


Explore the vast open world set in the heart of Manhattan, complete missions and defeat tough enemies with a team of fellow Division agents or go it alone if you’re brave enough! Discover iconic landmarks such as Madison Square Garden, Time Square and the New York Underground, but be warned all is not what it seems!

As you progress through the game you’ll unlock new weapons, earn upgrades and learn new skills to use in combat! Utilise weather conditions and use the environment around you to get an advantage over your enemies!

Top Tips…


Beware of the Dark Zone agents

Mix it up a little and enter the Dark Zone if you dare, a multiplayer area hidden away behind walls of a quarantine zone it’s every agent for themselves, so may the best agent win!

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tip: If you want to survive in the Dark Zone then choose your actions wisely!

The best loot in the game can be found here in the Dark Zone, but gaining access to it is no easy task, you’ll need to extract it via helicopter. Sounds easy? You couldn’t be more wrong. You’ll have to survive a 90 second onslaught from other players set on getting their hands on your loot! Good luck agents!


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Tom Clancy’s The Division

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