Saints Row IV is one of the funniest open world action adventure games on the Xbox 360. It takes everything that makes Grand Theft Auto great – total freedom, a wide range of vehicles, weapons and missions – and cranks it up a notch. Want to act like a superhero and fly off buildings while wearing a thong? You got it. How about giant mech suits, a gun that fires dubstep tunes and electrified bullets? They’re all in there.

In the latest instalment, The Saints have finally made it to running the USA. The Boss is President until an audacious bunch of aliens called the Zin Empires puts him into a simulation. It’s up to the Boss and his gang to fight back, save the Earth and reclaim Steelport. Along the way, you’ll play parodies of games like Metal Gear Solid, and enjoy races and new minigames like Genki Bowl (throwing cars and other objects through rings).

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