Explore the ruins of a civilisation gone mad and unravel the mystery of a failed utopia in 2K Game’s remastered masterpiece, Bioshock. 

When a horrendous accident forces you to enter the underwater city of Rapture, you are forced to confront a world where the citizens have turned themselves into genetically-spliced monstrosities and where maniacs cling to power.

As you proceed through the deteriorating city, you will be forced to alter your own genetics in order to gain the superhuman powers you need to survive. But can you endure Rapture long enough to find and destroy Andrew Ryan, the depraved mastermind who created the city?


Bioshock has been widely praised for its detailed and atmospheric art-deco visual style and for its visceral combat, which combines high-octane gun-play with preternatural powers (including the ability to throw lightning or summon swarms of stinging insects).

The game’s RPG elements even enable you to customise your character in order to create a loadout of weapons and powers that suit your play style.

Bioshock – an intense, story-driven experience like never before

gen-graphic-1-gsg-bioshockBioshock is more than just FPS RPG: it is an intense, story-driven experience that encourages you to think about human nature, depravity, and even the hazards of unbridled political ethoses.

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