If Dead Rising 3 just isn’t your thing, you can sell your copy to us today, for cold hard cash!

There can be any number of reasons why you just don’t like the game. You might find yourself aimlessly walking round the zombie-filled town without a clue what you’re doing, unable to access the next mission. Or you might actually find that games are getting too realistic and you’re scared of zombies.

It doesn’t matter why you don’t like it, though, if you know you won’t play a game any more then it can turn into a very expensive shelf-filler. Unless you come to www.webuygames.co.uk and sell it!

Even if you do like the game, if you’ve recently upgraded to the new Xbox or considering switching to the new Playstation, then you probably need all the money you can get to spend on new games. If so you can sell your copy of Dead Rising 3 and any other old Xbox games you have. You can sell Playstation or Wii games, too, and you might be surprised to find out how much we’ll give you for your old titles.

The process is remarkably simple. Come to www.webuygames.co.uk and enter the barcode or EAN number of your game. We’ll give you a price we think is fair right there and then. If you agree then you just package the game up and include our prepaid address label, so it won’t even cost you a penny to send it in.

Once we’ve received your copy of Dead Rising 3 we need to check it, but as soon as that is done we’ll send you your money by the method you’ve specified. You can choose bank transfer, Paypal or a number of other payment methods and we aim to have the game checked and processed within three working days.

So if you don’t like Dead Rising 3 then don’t bury your head in the sand, just send it to us and turn your unwanted game into cash.