FIFA 16 will go down in history for being the first in the FIFA series to include female players! For the first time ever FIFA players can compete as 12 Women’s National Teams.

Each year the FIFA experience continues to improve and this year is no different. Improved gameplay allows you to play your way for a more authentic and exciting football experience.




Track runs, break up attacks and move with freedom. New defensive features allow AI players better awareness of dangerous space on the pitch and new tackling fundamentals allow you to get stuck in and win the ball back with greater ease.



As the old cliché goes games are won and lost in the midfield, and this year FIFA focuses more on the midfield battle. Will you play yourself out of defence and into the attacking third with patient, possession based build up play or will you opt for the glory pass, a 40-yard diagonal ping, turning defence into attack in a matter of seconds? The decision is yours!

FIFA 16 – Play beautiful, no touch dribbling, dynamic crossing and clinical finishing allow for more moments of magic with your star players!

The FIFA franchise has come along way over the years…


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