Good news gamers Agent 47 is back and he’s in the prime of his career.

The sixth entry in the HITMAN series sees the genetically enhanced, superhuman assassin travel to destinations worldwide and eliminate contracted targets.


Targets can be eliminated in a number of ways using different approaches and weapons including sniper rifles, blades and even explosives. Whether you decide to take out your target from distance or close range the quicker and cleaner the job, the better!

Stealth is key

Your performance during each mission is rated by factors including innocent people killed, time taken and number of witnesses, so the less mess you make the better your rating! And the better your rating, the more bonuses you’ll receive.


The game has been released in an episodic manner. To start gamers will have access to the Prologue and a number of Paris missions and over the course of 2016 an additional six episodes will be released to keep you on your toes!

Struggling to eliminate a target? Check out this Hitman Episode 1 walkthrough…


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