tomb raider-gen graphic 1Putting the tomb back into Tomb Raider Lara Croft makes a spectacular return in the Rise of the Tomb Raider two years on from the highly anticipated prequel.

Like its prequel Rise Of The Tomb Raider sees a modern Lara Croft conquer a world plagued with hidden dangers, roam beautiful landscapes and face brutal enemies.

It’s your job to utilise the environment, upgrade Lara’s arsenal to suit your style of play and wield Lara’s famous climbing axe to great effect as you embark on a tale of loss and betrayal, in a land haunted by older time.


Aside from the main storyline which is incredibly intense, there are plenty of side-missions to get stuck into, hunting to do and numerous puzzles to get your head round.

Improved graphics, redesigned combat features and a selection of new weapons including a hunting knife make for the best gaming fun you’ve had since repeatedly locking Winston the Butler in the freezer in Tomb Raider 2, yep we’ve ALL done it!

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