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The fast paced first person shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment tries to refresh the FPS genre with some cool new features, in Titanfall you are able to use jetpacks, wall running and double jumps to really open up the 15 maps. This gives the gameplay more levels and forces you to strategically approach each map.

You start each fight on foot as a free-running pilot; pilots are fast and agile giving you the ability to take varied paths around the maps and dispose of enemies with speed and skill. When starting a level a timer is displayed on screen, this is the time remaining before you can deploy a titan into battle. Titans are mech-style walkers that have powerful weapons and pack a deadly punch. Titans don’t possess the same nimble footwork as pilots so you will have to move around the maps on the ground and choose your paths carefully to unleash the full power of a titan. You can reduce the time to deploy a titan by killing members of the enemy team, the faster you gain kills the faster your titan will be deployed giving your team the advantage.

Titanfall is an online only game where up to 12 human players battle in online matches to complete team based objectives. To the disappointment of some fans Titanfall lacks a single player campaign but does offer narrative through the multiplayer campaign which adds more excitement to the objectives. If you play games for the gripping storylines and cut scenes Titanfall won’t be for you but it does provide a stellar first person shooter experience with some fresh features that will keep your adrenaline levels high throughout!

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