A new era of skating begins as Tony Hawk’s returns in Pro Skater 5, the tenth installment of the series and this time developer Robomodo has gone back to basics.

Ditching the open world and instead focusing on combo-driven skateboarding, there’s a hint of nostalgia. The most advanced Pro Skater yet allows users to pull off infamous moves and extend combos with tricks, manuals and grinds.


Drop in and out of over 80 unique missions across a selection of real-world locations or take on other skaters with the seamless multiplayer mode and battle it out with up to 20 players at any given time.

Build it and they will skate it – create your very own skatepark using over 250 obstacles and experience the sickest designs from the skating community.

The Wheels Have Come Off

Despite the developers attempts to strip the game back and create endless hours of nostalgic joy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is plagued with glitches, many of which can be seen below…



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