Key Terms and Conditions

Until the correct items have been delivered in the condition specified a contract does not exist between and the seller.

The website is for use by members of the public and not for use by businesses to sell multiple copies of the same game. If businesses wish to use the site they should contact stating the purpose and seeking permission.

Once you have posted your items to you cannot withdraw from the transaction.

Any games we receive that are not correct or fail quality checks will not be paid for and we cannot return these to you. After a period of 10 days during which you have the opportunity to arrange collection they will be recycled responsibly.

You can amend any errors or mistakes up to the point where you click accept. will pay for the cost of posting the items providing that you use the correct address label that is printed off from the website. You do not have to pay for postage.

You must ensure that your entire trade is posted at the same time.

The weight limit for a box is 15kg. If your items weight more than this you should use an additional box. However if your items weigh less than 15Kg you should just use one box and not two or more. cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to the goods until they have been received by us at our warehouse (unless this is caused by our negligence). Items lost whilst in the care of MyHermes are the their responsibility and any claims should be made directly to them. will assist with this process.

Payment will be at your choice by one of PayPal, Cheque or Credit transfer direct to your bank account. You must check any account information you give us because errors are not easy to correct and we reserve the right to make a reasonable administration charge if you make a mistake and we have to send payment to you a second time.

Once you have sent your books we would expect you to receive payment within 14 days if by PayPal and Credit transfer and 21 days if by cheque, although we hope that it is possible to do better than this. will keep you informed at key stages of the transaction of the status of your order. only accept items from the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands.

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