Recycle Games

Here at We Buy Games we understand that most people can’t bear the thought of simply throwing away the video games they no longer play, and rightly so! Although many people won’t play a large number of video games that are sat collecting dust on their shelves, chucking them away seems absurd and quite simply a mad thing to do! Especially when you can receive large amounts of money when you choose to recycle games…

We Rehome the Games You No Longer Want

In addition to earning yourself some much needed cash you’ll be giving fellow gamers the chance to enjoy the games that have served you so well over the past few years! And here at We Buy Games we go to extreme lengths to find your unwanted games a brand new home with gamers who are looking to get their hands on your unwanted games!

If the unthinkable happens and we can’t rehome an old game then don’t worry. Doing our bit for the environment we recycle games that are surplus to requirements, ensuring all recyclable materials are taken care of and aren’t wasted! Therefore when you recycle games you’re not only lining your pockets with extra cash but you’re also doing your bit for the environment, who can grumble at that?

Hassle Free Process

So if you’re looking to recycle games then look no further than We Buy Games. As avid gamers ourselves we’ll offer you exceptional value for money that you can put towards a brand new video game or save for something more important. Seamless and completely hassle free our service is an absolute doddle, even for those who aren’t exactly computer or techno savvy.

From the comfort of your living room you can recycle games you no longer require. Whether you’re using our brand new mobile app using our website to input the barcode of each game, it’s never been easier to recycle games! Within seconds you’ll receive a quote for the games you wish to recycle. Once you’ve finished this process continue to the checkout and complete your order.

Using the pre-paid postage label which we will send you in your order confirmation email, you can post the games you wish to send us free of charge, and once we’ve checked them over we’ll pay you as quickly as possible. See, it really is that simple to recycle games.

If you require further information on how you can recycle games that you no longer play or need then feel free to get in touch. Give us a call on 01706 248282 or drop a mention over on Twitter!

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