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Want to sell consoles so that you can upgrade?Want to sell consoles so that you can upgrade?

At WeBuyGames we buy consoles! So if you’ve got a PS3 hanging around, an Xbox 360 under the bed or a Nintendo Wii sitting next to the telly, never used, you could turn those into hard cash!

Sell consoles in three easy steps!

It’s easy to turn your obsolete or unused consoles into cash.

Sell consoles in three easy stepsEnter your console barcode number to identify the console you want to sell.

Pack it up and post itPack it up and post it using the free pre-paid label.

funds will be in your account the very next day

Get paid – funds will be in your account the very next day!

Why not sell consoles to us and use the cash to upgrade your current setup? It’s so simple.

It’s difficult to let them go, we know. You could be keeping that PS2 because you never got round to finishing Max Payne, or you just want to beat your fastest lap round Tahiti Maze in the Impreza on GT3. But let’s face it, are you really ever going back to those blocky graphics when you’ve got a slick game like Call of Duty or FIFA instead, with all your friends waiting for you online?

It’s not just consoleswe buy games and accessories too

That’s right, we buy games and accessories too, not just consoles, so it could all add up to a tidy sum in your pocket. WeBuyGames will give you cash for your official controllers, memory cards and game add-ons like Kinect, Eyetoy, Nunchuks – even dance mats – start looking now!

Any questions?

  • Does my console need to be in the best condition? No – but it should be undamaged, working and complete with the power supply, controllers and any other original equipment. Check out the item condition guidelines to be sure
  • I’m typing my barcode in correctly but it’s not coming up Browse our catalogue to find the right item and take it from there.
  • Is it easy to post them? Yes! as long as you can find a box you can post your console and accessories, we do everything else.
  • Can I sell anything else to you? Absolutely! As well as consoles and games we buy DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs and books, so begin your clear out today!

If you want to find out more about our service and how you can sell your games, consoles and accessories, get in touch. We’re on Twitter and Facebook and we’d love to hear from you, or you can phone 01706 248282.

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