Sell Games for Cash

Got a bunch of old games lying around, not doing much except providing somewhere to rest your mug? Sell games for cash here at WeBuyGames, instead!

Even the most revolutionary Playstation games can get a bit boring after a thousand hours of play, so why not give them a new lease of life by transforming them into cash? We buy console games – from old classics to unopened new releases – and offer the best rates on the web!

How do I Sell Games for Cash?

Whether your games are Sony or Nintendo, sending them to us couldn’t be simpler.

gather your legoAll you need to do is search through your collection and pick out the challenges you have conquered. Once you have a game – or even a pile of games – ready to sell, head over to our selling area and type in the ISBN/barcode number for each game. This number can usually be found on the back of the game’s case.

Don’t worry if this sounds like a lengthy process – we have a bulk upload feature for serious gamers to sell games for cash in one big, hassle-free bundle.

weigh that lego stashNext, we’ll go through your hoard and let you know how much your items are worth. We’re famous for our top rates, so you’ll even recieve good deals on fairly common or unpopular games. What’s more, the quotation process is really fast and completely free, and you have the reassurance that, if you change your mind at the last minute, you needn’t accept a quote.

sell lego onlineThe final step requires nothing more than a printer. Simply accept your quote and print off the free postage label provided. Safely package up your games, post them off to our HQ and we’ll deposit the money into your account as soon as we receive them!

Which Games don’t we Buy?

The only games we don’t buy are PC games. This is because they come with a unique product code and, once this code has been entered, the game is useless to anyone else. Sorry!

However, you can still sell games for cash from pretty much any console. You can also sell PS2 games right here at WeBuyGames, including multiple copies of the same game.

You can find more information about the games we’re looking for in our Games Sellers Guide.

What are the Perks of using We Buy Games for Cash?

There are plenty of perks of using WeBuyGames for cash:

  • Free postage.
  • Rewards for frequent sellers (you know who you are, games fans!).
  • Multiple payment methods, including bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.
  • The fastest payouts on the web.
  • The best rates out there on used games!

It couldn’t be simpler. You send us used games, we give you your money and everybody wins, so why not swap games for cash now?

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