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Looking to sell games? You might be finding that too often nowadays you’re spending ages deciding what game you’re going to play in the evening, or even worse you’re not playing any games at all…they’re all starting to look tired, they’ve become too familiar. Once they were magical but now the sense of enchantment has gone and you’re wondering how much you could sell them for and how quickly they might go…


Instant Price

Well, would instantly be quick enough for you? And as for how much, why not give us a try, you might be surprised by how much you could get when you sell games, especially if they’re in good condition. Those games might not hold your interest like they once did but for someone who’s never played them before they’ll likely be as inspiring for them as they used to be for you. It’s so simple to sell games at We Buy Games, just type in the barcodes of each of the games you want to sell. We’ll tell you how much they’re worth, you post them to us for free and once we’ve got them you get paid. Easy.

How It Works


  • Type in the barcodes of the games you want to sell and check their condition (see our Item Condition Guidelines)
  • We’ll let you know how much we’re going to pay for your games. If you’re happy you can accept our offer and let us know your preferred payment method.
  • Print off a postage label, box up your games (view our Packaging Guidelines) and post them for FREE!
  • Once we receive your games at our warehouse, we seek to pay you within three working days after checking your items.


So dig out your past favourites, your old classics, whether they be for PlayStation, Xbox or Wii, and sell games to us. Money is tight nowadays and with all the great games lined up for release in the remaining months of this year and the early months of next one we could all do with a little extra cash in our pockets. After the Batman games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City we can pretty much guarantee that Arkham Origins is going to be brilliant. And if Infinity Ward’s previous CoD instalments are anything to go by then Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be a war game classic. Then there’s the new Assassin’s Creed and if you still haven’t got your hands on it then GTA V is a must for any fan of Rockstar’s epic crime series. Beyond that the Xbox One and PS4 games are looking like they’re going to cost at least £45 a piece. And of course that’s forgetting the cost of buying one of those new consoles in the first place, that’s going to set you back some.

MoneySell Games… Get Cash. Simple.

Which brings us neatly back to needing a little more cash in our pockets. If you’re pining for one of the next gen machines then you might choose to sacrifice all the games you have for your current console to help you on your way. And WeBuyGames would be happy to help one of our fellow gamers out. Sell games to us, trade them in for cash to go towards new games, new consoles and new virtual experiences!

So, what are you waiting for? Sell games for money today and start making some extra cash! We can also help if you want to Sell PS3 Games or recycle games for all other consoles!

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