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Sell Lego

sell lego headerWith 15 billion pieces of Lego created every year, it’s more than likely that you have at least a few sets laying around. If you’ve got a cupboard full of Lego that you’re looking to get rid of, then we are likely the best company for you. For anyone looking to sell Lego, we buy it all; from a complete Lord of the Rings Battle For Helms Deep set, to Disney Princess castles, we can’t get enough.

Selling Lego® is as easy as 1,2,3…

We make the whole process of selling your old Lego® as quick and straightforward as possible.

gather your lego
Step one – Empty your LEGO® into a plastic bag.

weigh that lego stashStep two – Weigh your LEGO® using household scales

sell lego onlineStep three – Choose the closest weight on our LEGO® selling page

send us that lego
Step four – Send us your LEGO !


Letting go of your Lego®

For generations now, Lego sets have been a childhood favourite (in our case an adult favourite as well), and we understand that letting go of those cherished sets can be tough. But the fantastic thing about Lego is that after 60 years in the business, they are as popular as ever and are always bringing out new ranges for us to create and enjoy. Meaning that if you sell Lego you already own, then why not use the money you make to buy some brand new sets?

With the revival of the Star Wars saga, the classic Millennium Falcon has made a massive comeback in popularity, alongside the brand new Force Awakens Darth Vader set. Or perhaps the new Lego® Batman Movie Batmobile is more up your street? It’s fair to say that the love for Lego has stretched across generations and will do for years to come. So why not sell Lego to WeBuyGames so that others can enjoy them, freeing up space and money for you to find a new set to love?

Answers to some of the most common questions

Which Lego® sets do you not buy?

We love Lego® so much that we want it all! If you’ve got Lego to sell then we want to hear about it.

Is it a lot of effort to send in?

Not at all! In fact, we pride ourselves on how easy this process is. All you have to do is print off the free delivery label from our site and drop the parcel off at your local MyHermes point. Our packaging guidelines provide more detail on this if you’re still a bit unsure.

Is Lego the only thing I can sell?

No, in fact, we buy a huge range of things, including old books, CDs, games, DVDs and more!

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