Sell PS4 - why (and how) you should do it

Sell PS4 - why (and how) you should do it

Sell PS4 – why (and how) you should do it

Upgrading your PS4 or moving on? Now is a great time to sell PS4 and make yourself some extra cash (fast!).

Whether you simply want to sell your PlayStation 4 console, or you have a cupboard full of games to offload too, you can sell your PS4 and bulk sell PS4 games right here.

Why should I sell my PS4?

Well, if you’ve landed here, the chances are you’re already gearing up to sell your PS4 online. But if you’re still deliberating, here are a few reasons to sell Sony PlayStation 4 for cash:

  1. You’re ready to upgrade – many gamers are itching to get their hands on the next gen, and who can blame them?
  2. You don’t use it anymore – of course, you might just find you’ve fallen out of love with your PS4 and the time has come to sell it on.
  3. You need some extra cash – if you need some quick cash, you can sell your PS4 to earn funds directly into your bank account.

Where can I sell my PlayStation 4?

Ready to sell your PlayStation 4 and wondering where is the best place to do just that?

If your priority is to sell your PS4 quickly and receive cash for it, rather than trading it in or getting in-store vouchers, you’ve come to the right place.

You can sell your PlayStation 4 to WeBuyGames in just a few simple steps and receive cash within days.

When you sell a PS4 online with us, we cut out all of the hassle – no seller fees, no difficult buyers, no postage costs.

It really is the best place to sell your PS4 if you love an easy life.

Sell PS4 – why (and how) you should do it
Sell PS4 – why (and how) you should do it

How to sell PS4

Now you’re all set to sell, you may be wondering exactly how to sell a PlayStation 4 console online with WeBuyGames.
Well, it’s a quick and easy process designed to keep things simple.

Follow the steps below and you’ll be enjoying money in your pocket in a few days’ time.

  • Step 1 – Browse our online catalogue and select your console from the list!
  • Step 2 – get a quick price – simply add to your basket to accept.
  • Step 3 – print off a free postage label and add it to your package before posting.
  • Step 4 – you’re all done! Just sit back and wait to get paid. We usually make payments the same day we receive your items, so you won’t be waiting long!

*Seller tip* – reset your console to the factory default settings before you post it off to us!

Scan and Save

Scan & Save Time With Our App

More time for what’s important... gaming!

Designed to be user friendly, our app uses scanning technology to make selling your games easier and quicker than ever before! When you use your phone's camera as a scanner, inputting barcodes manually is a thing of the past! You can scan old games and receive an instant price in a matter of seconds, meaning you’ll have more time for gaming!

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Can I sell used PlayStation 4?


Sell used PS4 to us and we will pay you in cash for your console, leaving you with fresh funds to invest in your next gaming adventure!

We accept all models, colours and sizes, so whether you want to sell PlayStation 4 Pro, sell ps4 slim or the standard model, you can do it right here.

Sell PS4 – why (and how) you should do it
Sell PS4 – why (and how) you should do it

How much will I get if I sell PS4 for cash?

Your PS4 sell price will vary depending on the model and size, but a simple search on our website will quickly reveal the amount you can expect to get paid for your console.

If you’re happy with the price offered by us, simply add it to your selling basket and go to checkout to generate your free postage label.

Can I sell Playstation games or other consoles when I sell my PS4?

You can indeed!

If you’re having a huge clear out and you have other consoles to sell, you can do this with us too.

As well as selling your used PS4 at WeBuyGames, you can also sell your mini PS1, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP, and of course you can even sell PlayStation games!

Simply search for or scan each item, add them all to your basket and go to checkout to get your postage label.

We will always provide a free postage label when you sell game consoles and games for cash, no matter how many items you sell in one go, making it easy and free to sell your unwanted stuff online!

What’s the next step?

Click here to sell your PS4 online today. In a matter of days, you’ll have cash in the bank to spend on whatever you like. It’s quick, simple and totally stress-free!

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