10 Ways to Save Money in 2021

Christmas is over, gifts have been opened and the food has been eaten. Its time sit back and let your bank account relax because it’s time to start saving for next Christmas (or something even more enjoyable to make up for the year 2020).

Whatever your reason for saving, it’s always nice to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve to help you along, so we have compiled a list of 10 ways that we think will help keep your bank topped up throughout 2021.

1. Find a better deal – Every household has bills coming out of their ears (not literally). But with so many outgoings its worth checking have you got the best deal? Don’t be afraid to browse the market for a slightly cheaper gas supplier or a more efficient network provider. Price Comparison websites are the perfect place to start.

2. Set a limit – It’s very easy to let your expenditure build up and by the end of the month, you have spent far more than you had planned. A great way to combat this is by using the free money pot service come banks provide, which lets you split your money into differing pots making it possible to put a limit on how much you spend on certain things.

3. Sell all of your unwanted stuff – The quickest way to make some extra cash is to sell your old stuff. Look around, do you have any old games consoles, video games, Lego, Funko POPS or even some old Warhammer that you just don’t use anymore? If yes, then don’t let it sit there rent-free collecting dust, why not let We Buy Games give you some cash for it. Find it in our online catalogue and send it to us for free and get paid in a matter of days.

4. Set yourself a target – Challenge yourself to save as much as you can in a set period of time, for example why not try the 1p challenge and you could be surprised at just how much you can save.

5. Increase your income – Have you ever thought about increasing you cash flow a little by just doing what you love? Maybe you have an incredible talent at painting, or you simply love dogs, then who’s says you can’t sell your paintings or simply earn some extra cash by walking dogs in your local community?

6. Keep a record – Its always a good idea to keep a record of what you spend, that way you will know exactly where your money is going and you can budget accordingly, and there’s always room to save in an extra couple of quid.

7. Stay up to date – One sure fire way to save a little extra cash is don’t pay for the things you don’t use anymore like that gym membership or Disney+ streaming service you’ve not used since the first lockdown. Always make sure you stay on top of all of your subscriptions and direct debit payments and cancel them as soon as you stop using them.

8. Look for cheaper alternatives – whether it be you’re buying clothes or lemonade, its likely you will be able to find a cheaper alternative. Check out the slightly cheaper supermarket or the home brand version, chances are it will taste almost exactly the same, or when it comes to clothes and luxury items, why not try buying second hand from places like eBay or Amazon and who knows, you could find a great bargain.

9. Open a savings account separate to your current – Savings accounts are a great way to put money aside for a later date and they are very easy to open. To find out more about savings account visit any banks website and follow the links to savings accounts, banks will offer several different options for interest rates so your money will actually increase while it just sits there. Having it separate from your current bank account makes it harder to access and less likely for you to transfer back and spend!

10. Empty your cupboards – Get everything out on the table and have a big old game of ready steady cook trying to use as many (in date) ingredients as you can. That should save you going to the supermarket for a couple more days or even weeks!