Swap Games For Cash

Swap Games For Cash

A cost effective approach to video games is something that many people never consider. When going to the cinema, you can be pretty certain that you’ll be paying a set amount for around two hours of screen time. With a bit of simple maths, you can sit down and work out how much you’re paying per hour and whether it’s really worth it. You could be watching a DVD at home, reading a book or a litany of other hobbies.

But what about video games? For many people, gaming is a great way to relax. You can unwind while shooting someone in the face or lessen the stress of day-to-day life by simply cruising around San Andreas with a little bit of Gerry Raffety on in the background. But are you getting your money’s worth? For those who have a limited amount of free time, being able to spend it wisely can often be difficult. When thinking about video games, the time that you spend on each one is often key to approaching how much we value the game.

Single Player

For those who are solitary or without a web connection, single player gaming is often the only way in which to unwind. However, more and more triple A titles are starting to see their single player campaigns dwindle. Time was, you could spend three weeks trying to solve a puzzle in Zelda or seventy two straight hours trying not to die in Ghosts ‘n Goblins. These days, Call of Duty is completed after eight hours. While there are a few games that cater to the single player – Dark Souls comes to mind – it can often be difficult to find the right game with which to spend more than a day. If you’re looking to get great value for money, certain single player campaigns can be a big letdown.


Now that we all have broadband, more and more companies are choosing to focus on multiplayer options when thinking about the longevity of their titles. While you might be able to complete the story mode in an afternoon, you can spend months testing your mettle against others across the world. For some, this level of human interaction is well worth the price of admission. However, it can be tough for those trying to make canny purchases to establish whether their time will be well spent. A lot depends on the online community surrounding the game, the benefits of investing your time into one game or the continued challenge that the game presents. For those worried about getting their money’s worth, multiplayer gaming can be a proverbial minefield.


But there is another option. At We Buy Games, we understand that every purchase is an investment and that not every game will click with every person. This is why we offer you the chance to swap games for cash. It might be that the multiplayer was a massive let down or that you’ve already completed the single player story and would like to move on to the sequel. Whatever your reason, those looking for value for money can use our help to increase the value they get from their game.

The process is simple, simply head over to our website input the barcodes of the games you’re looking to swap for cash and within seconds you’ll receive an offer. Once you’re happy with what we’re offering you accept the offer and proceed to the checkout. Print off a pre-paid postage label, package up the games and send them to us free of charge. Then sit back and wait for your money to land in your account or a cheque to be posted through your door.

If you’d like more information on how you can swap games for cash then feel free to get in touch. Call us today 01706 248282 for expert advice or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

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