A Gamers review of 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a lot of industries suffer, but the gaming industry certainly wasn’t one of them. In fact, it saw an all time […]

Dec. 23, 2021
Black Friday: Where did it come from?

Have you ever wondered how Black Friday got its name? Or where it all began? Us too. So we went down a rabbit hole researching […]

Nov. 24, 2021
The top 10 coolest Halloween LEGO sets!

Seen as Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite Halloween themed LEGO sets. Forget bobbing apples, […]

Oct. 20, 2021
Top 10 Games to play this Halloween!

Ghostly Greetings 👻🎮 the games you are about to see below are the perfect games to play this Halloween!    October only means one thing! […]

Oct. 20, 2021
Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo’s Amiibo

Amiibo is Nintendo’s line of toys-to-life figurines that can unlock features in many games for several different Nintendo platforms. The figures are fun to collect, […]

Sep. 03, 2021
Top 10 LEGO Video Games

When most of us older generations think of LEGO, we think of spending hours constructing various structures and then ripping them down and starting all […]

Sep. 02, 2021
Top 10 Rarest Skylanders

Skylanders is a game that allows you to bring your figures to life. By using your portal, you can transport your favourite Skylanders right into […]

Aug. 05, 2021
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What is Funko and Where Did it All Begin?

Once upon a time, collectable figurines were synonymous with the comic book nerd who liked to keep them in pristine condition – think the Comic […]

Jul. 28, 2021
Top Games of 2021 So Far

So far, 2021 has been a great year for the gaming world, with loads of exciting new releases already available to play and many more […]

Jul. 27, 2021
Top 5 Rarest LEGO Sets & Their Value

Let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter what age you are; when you look at a LEGO set, you can’t help but wonder what it would […]

Jun. 24, 2021
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