The Best Video Game Firework Displays

It’s almost the night to never forget and whilst you might be adding the final touches to your Guy Fawkes, gathering the last bits of wood, or scavenging the supermarkets for treacle toffee. If you’re not into bonfire night and would rather stay inside with the pets, then check out our list of games that feature some of the best digital firework displays we have seen.

Animal Crossing


If you’ve followed the animal crossing journey, you’ll know that the fireworks have really outdone themselves over the years. The Animal Crossing series includes special events throughout the year around holidays where players can enjoy fireworks in their virtual towns. You can also design your own fireworks and we’ve seen some pretty creative displays over the years.

Grand Theft Auto V


Believe it or not, there’s lots to celebrate in this game. Players can witness fireworks during certain in-game events and holidays. You can purchase your very own firework launcher as a heavy weapon and launch various bursts into the air.

Fallout 4


In the “Nuka-World” expansion, players can venture into the Galactic Zone. Here you can enjoy nightly firework displays as part of the theme park experience. You can also design your own firework display with the firework mortar and firework shells. It can also change the weather, but that’s not as fun as designing your own in-game firework display.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


In this game, the “Festival of the Stars” is an annual event held in Kakariko Village. You can enjoy a glorious fireworks display. You can build your own fireworks with dragon parts and a bomb, but that might be the most expensive fireworks ever!

Fireworks Mania


Maybe this list has gotten you in the mood for a little bonfire night festivity. Maybe you still don’t want to go outside but we’ve convinced you that you can still celebrate in the digital world. Firework Mania is an indie game focussed on creating and launching your own fireworks displays. You can experiment with colours, sizes, and effects to create stunning shows.

Whatever you’re celebrating, whenever you’re celebrating, there’s always the option to bring it in-game and enjoy the wonders of digital fireworks.