Trade in Old Games

Trade in Old Games

Here at We Buy Games, we know how important it is for you to receive value for money when you trade in old games. Playstation and other console games aren’t cheap, which is why we offer exceptional value for money!

Take a look at your shelves: how many games are sat there, collecting dust? You know you won’t ever play these games again, so why not make some quick, hassle free cash to put towards a brand new video game?

Pass on the fun

Just because you’ have finished with your games (Xbox or other console), it doesn’t mean someone else won’t enjoy them. When you trade in old games, you are not only making some much-needed cash, but are giving someone else the opportunity to enjoy themselves. And the beauty of it all is its simplicity…


Sell your games with ease

Once you have made a decision about which games you are happy to part with (and as game lovers ourselves, we understand how difficult this can be!), it is time to trade them in. Using our brand new mobile app or by manually typing in the barcode numbers of each game on our website, we’ll give you a price for all your unwanted games within seconds!

Whether you are looking to get rid of just a couple of games, or you have a huge batch of old games to trade in, the process is simple when you use We Buy Games.

Item conditions

As long as the games you wish to trade in are in good condition, there is every chance we will buy them from you. However, if your dog has been using them as chew toys for the past few weeks, or they are excessively damaged, we won’t accept them. For more information, check out our item condition guidelines.


At the checkout

If you are happy with our offer, continue to the checkout and finalise your order. We will send a confirmation email containing a pre-paid postage label, so you can send us the games you want to trade in, free of charge.


Speedy payment

After we have received and approved your games, we aim to pay you as quickly as possible. In fact, we aim to be the quickest on the market, making your experience as hassle-free as possible.

We reward loyal customers

We reward loyal customers, so the more games you sell, the better it is for you! Get searching high and low for those unwanted games.

For more information about how you can trade in old games, feel free to get in touch via Twitter, or give us a call on 01706 248282.

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