Video Games That Take Place Around Christmas

Okay, so there are not that many video games that are focussed solely on the big guy with the beard and his little helpers, but there are countless games that take place over the holiday period or have references to the celebrations.

Let’s have a look at some video games that take place around Christmas to hopefully get you in the Christmas spirit.

Batman: Arkham Origins


Batman: Arkham Origins is an action-adventure game that is set on Christmas Eve in Gotham City. The game follows a younger Batman facing off against some of his most iconic foes. The weather and atmosphere in this game brings a Christmas feeling, though hunting down eight deadly assassins might not contribute to the happy holiday vibes.

Dead Rising 4


So, zombies aren’t a traditional staple to Christmas but there are a few Christmas trees around, so it counts, right? Dead Rising 4 is an open-world survival horror game set in the holiday season, with zombies infesting a mall where you’ll defend yourself against hordes of undead with creative weapons and vehicles.

Hitman 2 (Holiday Hoarders)


The “Holiday Hoarders” mission in Hitman 2 takes place at a Parisian Christmas-themed fashion show. It’s a unique assassination experience, and if it helps you get into the Christmas mood, we won’t judge.

Dead by Daylight


This one might be a bit of a push, not Christmas-themed per se but it does feature an Aurora Borealis event that transforms the game’s maps into a winter wonderland. We’re not sure if it’s enough to distract from the fact that you are constantly trying to evade death, but it sure does add some Christmas joy to your crippling fear.

The Division (Survival DLC)


The Division has a Survival DLC that takes place during a harsh winter storm in New York City. Now, is there anything more Christmassy than a few feet of snow in NYC? Maybe, but this will have to do – despite having to survive, it has a cosy, holiday atmosphere.

Although not all of these games are exactly designed for Christmas, they do have aspects of gameplay or graphics that will capture the essence of the holidays. So, whether you’re battling crime or surviving a zombie outbreak, we hope these games can add a dose of holiday cheer to your gaming sessions.