The Most Anticipated Games of 2024

Like many gamers around the world, we were hoping that GTA VI would be making this year’s list of most anticipated games, but we’ll have to wait until next year for it to feature on our anticipated games list.

We are still very excited about some of the huge releases that have been announced for the world of gaming in 2024. With lots of new games already announced for the later generation consoles, we have gathered the top games that we think will keep us entertained for hours throughout the year. In no particular order, here’s what we’re most excited for…

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

2024 Games - Destiny 2.png

2024 will mark exactly 10 years since we last saw The Traveller and this game is going to give you the chance to end the War of Light and Darkness (hopefully) once and for all. This game features an unravelling landscape full of new challenges and stories. Starting in 2024, Episodes will be replacing Seasons. Each Episode is packed with new story content and rewards, including a new Exotic mission, Exotic weapons, and armour. Episodes will be split into three Acts, with a new Act released every six weeks – all containing new stories, quests, activities, weapons, pass ranks and rewards. With this new development, we have a feeling that Destiny 2: The Final Shape will keep a lot of us entertained for a while.


2024 Games - TEKKEN 8.png

The longest-running videogame storyline returns with 32 redesigned, unique fighters. TEKKEN 8 continues the saga of the Mishima bloodline and its world-shaking father-and-son grudge matches. Kazuya continues his conquest for global domination, using the forces of G Corporation to wage war on the world. Jin is forced to face his fate head-on as he seeks to stop his father Kazuya’s reign of terror. This latest instalment features an in-depth customisation system and a variety of single-player content to explore. If you grew up with the TEKKEN games, then this should be on your radar in 2024.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

2024 Games - Suicide Squad.png

The perfect game release for the gamers who enjoy playing as the bad guy, although these characters should technically be placed in the semi-hero category, we still foresee a little villainous chaos from our favourite Suicide Squad players. You can squad up as Harley Quinn, King Shark, Dead Shot, or Captain Boomerang, with other players or bots taking the role of the other characters as you play. The original Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League release date was set for 2023 but 2024 will be the year we get to play as our favourite good-bad-guys.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

2024 Games - Banishers.png

Ghost hunting? Check. North American wilderness? Check. Challenging decisions? Check. This is not a game you want to go into lightly, we imagine it will be jam-packed with spooky cases and decisions that will impact the rest of your play through. Set in the frozen wilderness of North America in 1695, we follow two ghost hunters who are trying to protect the living from unnatural entities. Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is brought to you by the same studio that created Life is Strange and Vampyr. This game is going to be an unforgettable action RPG that takes you on a journey of life, death, love, and sacrifices.

Skull and Bones

2024 Games - Skull and Bones.png

It’s time for Sea of Thieves to move over as there’s a new open-world pirate adventure about to sail onto the gaming scene with a much more realistic portrayal of pirate battles on the high seas. Skull and Bones gives us a lot of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag vibes without the assassins, especially as it was developed by much of the same team. There’s a promising solo campaign as you fight for control over the 18th-centure waters in the Indian Ocean. The really exciting part of this game comes from the player-versus-player online battles, where each gamer controls their very own warship in team-based battles. There are also supernatural elements in the game, so keep an eye out for the monstrous tentacles of the kraken lurking beneath your ship.

Dragon’s Dogma 2

2024 Games - Dragon’s Dogma.png

The long-awaited sequel is finally here! Directed by Hideaki Itsuno, and built in RE Engine, this game is bound to bring a whole new element of immersion to our gaming experience. Even if you didn’t play the first instalment of this game, if you’re a fan of RPGs, then you definitely need to keep an eye on this game in 2024. Dragon’s Dogma 2 will challenge you to choose your own experience – from the appearance of their Arisen, their vocation, their party, how to approach different situations, and more – it promises to offer a very unique gameplay for each individual player. If you love diving into deeply detailed open worlds and encountering fantasy creatures – you’re going to love this game.

Star Wars Outlaws

2024 Games - Star Wars Outlaws.png

Are you ready for the first ever open-world Star Wars game? Because we are! Star Wars Outlaws will let you plays as Kay Vass. After she receives a bounty on her head and becomes the Galaxy’s most wanted, you’re going to have to pull off the biggest heist the Outer Rim has ever seen. Your choice on whether to work with crime syndicates or make enemies of them will define the story as you play!

Still Wakes the Deep

2024 Games - Still Wakes the Deep.png

We’re huge fans of horror releases here at WeBuyGames and so Still Wakes the Deep makes our list for the most anticipated games of 2024. Based on an oil rig off the coast of Scotland, you must try and navigate the collapsing rig after disaster strikes, to save your crew from an otherworldly horror. We’ll not reveal too much, but coming from The Chinese Room, the developer behind Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, we have a feeling this is not a game to play after the sun goes down.