HeaderIf you’re an avid gamer then the chances are you’ve probably got a large collection of old games sat collecting dust in the corner of your room, a potential gold mine!

With the cost of video games constantly increasing the need to earn some quick and easy cash to fund your gaming addiction is greater than ever, therefore cashing in on your old video games makes complete sense. In today’s day and age there are more and more ways to make some extra money from the products you no longer require, which is why we’ve come up with the 3 ways to make money from your old video games!


EbayAuction Sites

Depending on how long you’re willing to wait for your cash, auction sites are a fantastic way of getting money for your old games! Although you’ll have to pay a small commission fee on your listing or sale you could potentially get much more for your old games. You can set a predetermined reserved price to ensure you aren’t letting your old games go for next to nothing.

Car Boot Sales

Often overlooked, car boot sales are a brilliant way of making money from your old games. Providing a fun and exciting place to sell your old games they attract all types of people, therefore there’s guaranteed to be a huge interest shown in your old games.


Car boot sales are much more beneficial to those with a large selection of old games as you’ll be expected to pay a small fee for your pitch, therefore it seems pointless paying for a spot if you only have one or two games to flog!

Ooh and we strongly recommend you get an early night in advance, the most hardened car booters like to do their business early and when I say early, I mean 6am early!

We Buy Games

Arguably, in fact there’s no argument about it, We Buy Games is the easiest, most efficient way to make money from your old games. Offering you exceptional value for money our service is seamless, takes very little time and is completely hassle free. There’s no getting up at daft o’clock and there’s no need to leave the house! Using our website or brand new mobile app you’ll receive a value for your old games within a matter of seconds. Once you’re happy with your quotes we’ll send you a pre-paid postage label so you can send us your old games FREE of charge.

For more information on the service we offer and how you can make money from your old games then feel free to get in touch via twitter or call us on 01706 248282.

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