The Benefits of Buying Used Games


Over the years, how much money do you reckon you’ve spent on video games? Evolving characters, story development, and expanding open worlds, one thing remains the same: gaming can be a costly hobby. Without even accounting for the set-up, new-release games can leave a pretty big hole in our pockets. There are of course ways to combat this, through subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, but if you like to follow the path less travelled and search for your own hidden gems, the costs can rack up quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’re here because you want to expand your collection or you’re a budget-conscious enthusiast seeking thrills at a discount, read on to discover why the world of used games holds a wealth of opportunities waiting to be unlocked.

Cost Saving

New games often come with a premium price tag. The exclusivity and demand of a game can see prices rise way above £50, even long after launch day, prices can remain at their peak for quite a while, especially if there’s a global buzz around the game. These games take years of development and hard work, so of course the price point is reflective of this however, gamers can save a significant amount of money by purchasing pre-owned titles, allowing them to expand their collections without breaking the bank.

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Environmental Benefits

Buying used games helps to reduce waste that is inevitably heading to landfills. Pre-loved games and reselling games contribute to a more sustainable gaming industry by reducing the demand for new physical copies. The production of new games requires resources to produce and package, by minimising this we help reduce the carbon footprint of gaming.

Access to Out-of-Print Titles

There’s nothing better than the feeling of gaming nostalgia. Owning a hard copy of the game you saved your pocket money for or the first game you remember loading into a disc drive. Some games, over the years, become rare or out-of-print and it can be a challenge finding them in new condition. Not only does this bring back the memories of staying up past your bedtime and cramming in an extra 5 minutes but it also adds value to your collection.

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Lower Risk for Buyer’s Remorse

Is there anything worse than waiting months or even years for a release for it to flop in the first five minutes? We don’t think so. If you’re patient enough to wait a few months for the bug fixes and development issues, it might be worth buying the game second-hand. This saves you money and heartache if the release-day product doesn’t quite hit the spot.

Quality Assurance

When you buy a used game from a reputable company, the games are thoroughly inspected and refurbished to ensure they function correctly. When buying a used game through a trusted business, you can have confidence in the fact your bargain price doesn’t reflect the quality or condition of your purchase.

Buying used games isn’t just about saving money, it’s also about embracing sustainability, preserving gaming history, and opening opportunities to explore new and obscure worlds. Whether you’re looking to save some pennies or add to your collection, exploring the world of used games can offer a whole load of benefits.