How much can i sell my PS4 for?

How much can i sell my PS4 for?

It’s here! The Next-Gen PlayStation 5 has arrived and for some of you, that might mean you’re looking to sell your old PlayStation 4 to make a little extra cash, whether that’s to put towards a new console or some new games to add to your thriving collection.

Whatever the reasons for deciding to sell, it can be quite a daunting prospect when you’re considering where you should sell your PS4 and how much for. The truth is there is no better way, it depends on what matters the most to you. Whether that’s reaping back the most money, getting paid quickly or spending the least amount of time and effort on the sale. 

Before you go ahead and sell your PlayStation 4, you’ll need to make sure it is in full working order with all necessary parts and wires and then decide if you’d like to sell any games and accessories alongside.

Ready to go? To help you understand the options available and find the best way to sell your PlayStation 4 for you, we have created a quick guide below:

eBay – the first place everyone thinks of when selling anything whether it be clothes, toys or electricals and for that reason can be a great place to sell. You can create your own listings and pick your own prices and it is likely you’ll get the most for your money. However, creating your own listings can be timely having to take and upload your own photos, fill out endless details and descriptions and communicate with potential buyers, not to mention there being no guarantee of a sale. If you are lucky enough to sell, you’ll have to pay high postage fees to protect your shipment and trust your buyer. The same goes for most marketplaces.

Then there’s the option of going into your local games store to find out if they will accept your trade in, but that involves leaving the comfort of your own home and wait around whilst they check your things over and all the while you’re unsure of how much you’ll even get and even so, the best offer they’ll give you is to try and persuade you to trade in for store credit.

We Buy Games is one of the best places to recycle your old consoles and get paid for it at the same time, offering a generous and fair price for your unwanted consoles whether they be old or new. Not only will you be getting a great price but it’s a super quick and super simple process in which you will get paid in a matter of days without leaving the comfort of your own home. There’s no faffing involved or trying to persuade you to sell for store credit, just straight up next day cash in 4 simple steps.

Wherever you sell your sell your console it is always a good idea to really take the time explore the market and find the best place for you.