HeaderStruggling to find time to trade-in your old, completed video games? Then we have the perfect solution!

The brand new We Buy Games mobile app has been designed to turn your unwanted games into some much needed cash! And the beauty of it all, you can do it from the comfort of your bedroom gamers!

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Whether you’re looking to de-clutter your room or you require some additional funds for a new video game, selling your unwanted games is a brilliant, hassle free way of making some easy cash, and it’s even easier with our fantastic mobile app, so how does it work?

State of the art Technology

Using the latest scanning technology the app converts your mobile phone camera into a clever barcode scanner, which makes selling games quicker than before! There’s no more inputting barcodes manually, instead you scan and earn, maximising your gaming time!

wbg_step_2_scan1. Start Scanning

So once you have downloaded the app, available on all iOS and Android devices, and decided which games you’re willing to part company with, simply use the app to scan each barcode and within seconds you’ll receive an instant price.

2. Proceed to Checkout

To view the combined total of your games click on the basket icon, which can be easily located at the bottom of the app, and if you’re happy with the prices proceed to the checkout.

wbg_step_3_checkout3. Login or Create an Account

If you haven’t already create an account or login via Facebook and enter all the relevant information.

wbg_step_4_post4. Print and Post

Once your transaction has been finalised we will send you a confirmation email. Attached will be a FREE pre-paid postage label, which you should attach to your boxed up games and post it to us FREE of charge!

wbg_step_5_getpaid5. Receive your Cash

And finally, the moment you’ll enjoy most, getting paid! Select the payment method that best suits your demands and start planning how you are going to spend your cash!

See, selling your old, unwanted games has never been easier.

So if you’re looking to make some quick and easy cash download our mobile app and start selling your unwanted games with We Buy Games today!

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