headerDid you know gaming is one of the most popular categories on YouTube?!?

With many gamers using the video streaming site to view walkthroughs, reviews, trailers, glitches and funny videos of their favourite games, YouTube has added a whole new dimension to video gaming in recent years! Because of this we’ve taken some time to uncover the top 5 most watched video games…


Football fan or not at some point we’ve all stumbled across a comical video displaying a ridiculous glitch or a strike that defies the laws of physics.

4. Call of Duty

Arguably, the most popular first person shooter franchise ever, you lot love watching COD related videos and no wonder!

3. League of Legends

The only game to make the top 5 that’s only available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X devices!

2. Grand Theft Auto

From insane stunts to hilarious mods you could watch GTA videos all day and never get bored, not that I’ve tried it or anything…

1. Minecraft

Get this, there are over 42million Minecraft related videos hosted on the Youtube website, FORTY TWO million… What makes it even more impressive is the fact that these figures relate to just a single game rather than a franchise, mind blowing!

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