Tips and Tricks to Staying Healthy While Gaming

Balancing a healthy lifestyle with gaming can seem like quite the challenge at first, but it really doesn’t have to be hard. The stereotype that, to be a gamer, means to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, but for so many people that is simply not true. However, ultra-long gaming marathons probably aren’t great for your health. So, we’ve put together a few quick tips and tricks to help you stay fit and healthy without taking you out of the action for too long!

So, here are just a few things that you can do to stay on top form!

Take Breaks

Taking a few moments every so often to do something else, simply go and look out of the window between races or make a cup of tea when you complete a quest. Taking a break can give your eyes a rest and gives you a chance to get yourself up and moving.


Get Some Fresh Air

When gaming it can be very easy to become couped up with no ventilation rebreathing the same air and eventually becoming oblivious to ‘that smell’. So, to combat this decent into senselessness, when you take a break, get some fresh air by going outside or opening a window.


Get Some Exercise

Exercise is key, no matter how much you do. If the weathers nice go for a walk or maybe even a run. Getting some exercise in doesn’t even need to involve going outside; break out the yoga mat and do some sit ups or even just a quick walk around the house, anything to get your blood flowing again.


Eat Well

We all know a quick food fix can be ever so tempting, especially in the middle of trying to beat that boss you’ve been stuck on for hours, but unfortunately quick fix foods like takeaways tend not to be the healthiest of choices. So we recommend taking a little extra time to make your food, that way you will know exactly what goes into it and you can make it as healthy and tasty as you want.


Keep A Good Posture

This entry is super simple, try to maintain a good posture when you are gaming. Avoid sitting or lying in a slouched or slumped position, try to sit as up right as you can with good support for your back.



This is probably the easiest tip on the list, stretch. Take just a few seconds every now and again to stretch off those stiff legs and thumbs.



Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re gaming or not it is important stay hydrated. Be sure to fill up a water bottle or have a glass of water to hand and if not make sure to keep drinking throughout the day when you take your breaks.


And so, to conclude, we hope this list will help keep you on your toes and in peak physical condition while you blast your way through Doom Eternal or drift you way through Dirt 5.