Top Tips for Selling Video Games


With new games being released for your consoles all year round, there is always a new world to explore, a boss to defeat or an animal companion to raise. But with all these incredible new games capturing our imagination and sparking our need for a challenge, our game collections can start growing out of control and if you are like us and prefer hard copies over digital ones then they really can start piling up if you’re not careful! But fear not because WeBuyGames has the perfect solution to help you keep your gaming pile under control.

WeBuyGames is incredibly easy to use which means it only takes a few minutes out of your day to start turning all your surplus video games into cold hard cash. Use the handy WeBuyGames app to scan the barcode on the back of your games to get an instant price for your beloved discs. Not only can you start to cut down on your gaming clutter, but you will be creating a new cash flow straight into your bank account!

What follows are a few quick tips and best practices to get the most out of your unwanted video games.

Make Sure They are in Good Condition

You want to make sure that all your games are in tip-top condition before you sell them, you don’t want to pack them up and post them off only to have to get them sent back because they are too damaged to use. Just play it safe it’s always a good idea to sift through what you are trying to sell and give everything a good clean and a once over to check for anything that could affect its value.

Pack Them Well

So, you have checked through everything and it’s all primed to get packed up but the last thing you want to happen now is for your games to get damaged in transit. Play it safe and pack everything up tightly so it won’t rattle around in the box and run the risk of breaking.

Make Sure Everything is There

When you are checking through the condition of your old games, keep an eye to make sure all the original guides, manuals and other inserts are still in the case with the game.

Genuine/Original Copy

It’s crucial that the games that you are selling are original copies and not pirated or burned discs. Often, it’s easy to check this simply by looking at the disc and the case, if it’s not an original game then the artwork may be discoloured or misaligned or just different.

So, whatever the reason is for selling those unwanted games whether you are saving up for a new release or just to clear some space, following these quick tips can help you achieve your goal in no time.

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