It’s bad enough if you don’t usually have as much money as you’d like to spend on games each month, but it’s even worse now, especially with the kind of quality games that have been released lately and that are going to be released in the coming months.

Why you need cash this Christmas‘How is it worse now?’ we hear you asking. One word – Christmas. Yes, the jolly season of goodwill to (most) men (and women) is upon us, near enough anyway. And the fact is once you’ve factored in presents for family and those closest to you then there’s precious little money left to spend on games for you. So short of getting a second job what are you going to do? Well you could trade in games for cash with us.

Because with all that’s going on in the gaming world right now the idea of missing out on the fun is just… well… depressing. Recently we’ve seen the new GTA hit the shelves and the new FIFA. Around the corner there’s the next Batman game, the next Assassin’s Creed, the next Call of Duty and the latest from the Rainbow Six series. And if the trailers are anything to go by then it looks like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots is going to be the most cutting chapter of the franchise – it promises to be pulsating, tension-filled stuff.

Then you’re faced with the fact that the next generation of consoles are on their way. Nintendo’s Wii U is already on the market, while Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are going to be available in the UK on November 22nd and November 29th respectively. And there are plenty of big names bringing their latest chapters to these cutting edge consoles. In the new Killzone you will play a shadow soldier, fighting to keep a peace which is so very delicate; Metal Gear Solid V sees Snake operating in an open-world for the first time; Kingdom Hearts III will send you on a quest to stop the evil plans of Master Xehanort. And of course that’s just to name a few; there are many more big name instalments coming too, alongside all the brand new games that are going to be arriving with the new consoles.

What are you waiting for?

So why not have a look at your gaming shelf right now. Are there any games there that have been played till they’re tired or any games that have disappointed? Do you have any games for Xbox, PlayStation or Wii that you no longer play and would consider getting rid of? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then head to our homepage where you can trade in games for cash. Once you’re there it’s all very simple to do – just type in the barcode of each game you want to trade in and we’ll tell you what they’re worth. Then print the free postage label and get those games in the post. Once we’ve got them we’ll send you your money and you can get to ordering some new games. You’re welcome.

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