HeaderSo you have completed one of the Lego Star Wars games, but you are tired of leaving the case on your ‘Shelf of Fame’ to impress your friends. Perhaps you are tired of getting whooped at FIFA 14 when you play online. Alternatively, you have tried selling your unwanted copy of CoD Ghosts on an auction site, before flying into some sort of rage after seeing the amount that has been removed for selling, transaction, postage and packing fees. If any of this sounds familiar to you, it may be time to take a look at webuygames.co.uk.

Games on Shelf

We created our service, where you can easily trade in Xbox 360 games, by looking at everything that is frustrating about trying to sell your games the old-fashioned way. First of all, you want to know exactly how much your games are worth, and you want to be able to trust us to actually pay you that amount for them – haggling is for car boot sales and dodgy geezers flogging their gear from suitcases! Once you give us the barcodes from all of your unwanted games, we will offer you a set price that you can agree to. Provided that your games arrive in the condition set out in our Item Condition Guidelines, you know exactly how much you will getting towards your new Xbox One, new games, or snacks for an all-night session on Battlefield.


There is no extra charge to send your games to us, and we even send you a label that you can print at home. Package it all up (we even have Packaging Guidelines to help you), get it in the post one way or another, and we will try to send you the funds within three business days of everything arriving at our warehouse. Other trade-in companies make you queue up in the local post office, usually behind someone that needs to send 300 items to a variety of exotic locations, at a time when 95% of the staff are on lunch. You can trade in XBox 360 games own computer and printer, chase your local postbox emptier down the street, and then get on with your day.

webuygames.co.uk has a number of payment options when you choose us to trade in Xbox 360 games, and this makes us a much better bet than trying to use online auction sites. You could always visit your local high street gaming store, where a ‘gaming expert’ called ‘Ed’ will usually only offer you a decent price for store credit – which you can then use to buy the latest releases that are probably £10-£15 cheaper when shopping around online. webuygames.co.uk only believes in getting the cash in your pocket, and we honestly don’t care what you spend it on.

You could buy our warehouse staff some retro T-shirts if you are feeling really generous, but no hard feelings if you spend it on yourself or your loved ones instead!