The Best Video Games to Play as the Villain

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There’s something very rewarding about being the good guy. Something disastrous happens, someone needs saving and everything all works out in the end. But what if you’re tired of being the good guy? What if it’s time you hand over the cape and start causing a little bit of chaos in the digital world? Playing as the villain in a video game can provide unique gameplay and an often morally complex gaming experience. Here are some of the best video games where you get to embrace your inner anti-hero.

Grand Theft Auto Series

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The GTA series is timeless and renowned for allowing players to assume to role of criminals in an open-world setting. The opportunities to create chaos are endless, from running over defenceless pedestrians to robbing the local store, this game series offers a range of villainous activities and the opportunity to execute the perfect heist.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Although Arthur Morgan is not a traditional villain, the protagonist of this game is attached to an outlawed, ruthless gang. This game allows you to make moral choices throughout the game which will ultimately change the path of the player. Be wise in how you navigate this game as you have the chance to embrace a heroic or villainous story.

inFamous Series

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In this series, players have the option to play as a hero or a villain. Every choice you make throughout the game will impact the game’s story and the protagonist’s powers. The Karma meter in this game will alter throughout the choices you make and from the get-go you can choose the path of good or evil.

Prototype Series

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Alex Mercer is the protagonist of this game who has powerful shape-shifting abilities and often uses them for destructive purposes. This game provides a thrilling experience from the point of view of a formidable anti-hero.

Dishonored Series

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You will play as Corvo Attano, an assassin seeking revenge in a dark and dystopian world. You will get to choose whether you embrace your inner villain and go full chaos mode or take a more subtle approach, adopting stealth for the ultimate unassuming bad guy.

Evil Genius

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This real-time strategy game allows you to assume the role of a classic villain. You will build and manage an evil lair all whilst trying to thwart secret agents and take over the world. If you like classic villains and pure evil, this is the game for you.

Playing as the villain in these games can be a refreshing change of pace from the traditional hero-centric narrative we can fall so easily into. This different perspective gives us the chance to explore the darker side of gaming.