Christmas is just months away and in typical gaming fashion things are hotting up with developers across the world gearing up to launch games ahead of the festive period. Below we take a look at 2 new titles dropping in September…


The gaming calendar would be incomplete without an annual installment of the hugely popular FIFA series. Fans will be glad to hear FIFA 17 brings new features, a new engine and a new mode – result!

‘The Journey’ is an all new story mode and a first for the FIFA franchise, which allows gamers to take control of a young footballer and complete objectives along the way!

FIFA 17 has adopted the Frostbite engine, resulting in better graphics on players’ faces and superior lighting technology.

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Explore the ruins of a civilisation gone mad and unravel the mystery of a failed utopia in 2K Game’s remastered masterpiece, Bioshock.

Bioshock is more than just FPS RPG: it is an intense, story-driven experience that encourages you to think about human nature, depravity, and even the hazards of unbridled political ethoses.

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