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Fallout 4

Labeled the game of 2015 Fallout 4 centres on a world reeling from nuclear warfare.

fallout 4 graphic

Waking to find your son has been kidnapped during the conflict it’s your task to rescue him, but the decisions you make along the way will determine the outcome, so no pressure!

Complete quests, fight battles and level up as you explore a detailed open world setting.


Just Cause 3

Take control of Rico Rodriguez, a man determined to bring peace to his homeland, and conquer the controversial regime of General Di Ravello.

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With an array of skills and a selection of unique weapons to utilise no obstacle or enemy is too big for Rico! Destroy buildings, bridges, vehicles and whatever else lies in your way across the vast island.



LEGO® Marvel’s Avengers

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Start 2016 in style with LEGO® Marvel’s Avengers and join your favourite characters in an all-new action packed adventure!

Play as commanding super heroes and explore a unique, dynamic open world! Use special powers and execute devastating combos to defeat hapless enemies, with a spot of slapstick LEGO humour thrown in for added entertainment.

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